Sunday, July 17, 2011

math fact practice

so I was blog stalking today and I was directed to

-the welcome video has me hooked.  my first school district had purchased "math facts in a flash" and required the students to log on daily.  this site looks very similar, but FREE!!
-I like that you can set up a class and it can be assigned as homework (and you can tell if they did their hw or not by checking your email :D)

So my question is this.... has anyone used this site before?  thoughts?  do y'all think this would be worth researching?


Laura Starnes said...

I had a colleague who used it last year and LOVED it. I actually forgot about it until I saw your post. It's really neat and a great tool for parent to use at home too!

Mrs. Lovelace said...

I love! I'm definitely using it again this year.

I saw on another blog post that you had math fonts. Would you be willing to share?

Miss Dennis said...

Mrs. Lovelace, I would love to share the math fonts... just send an email to lauren dot e dot dennis at gmail dot com and I'll get them sent to you right away!