Thursday, July 5, 2012

Classroom Stuff and a Celebrity on My Class List!

So on my days off from the restaurant, I've slowly been gathering supplies for the upcoming year.  All of these items were purchased in June, even though I'm just now getting around to blogging about them.  I had every intention of linking up with Kristen for the
but the collections are closed (sad face).  I'm still showing off what I've picked up so far, so check them out below!
 MARIUS Stool IKEA Stackable; saves space when not in use. 
IKEA's MARIUS stool in blue (it's more of a dark teal though!)  These babies are only $6 a piece, I picked up six to go around my kidney table.  I like that they stack up nicely, and they don't take up as much space as chairs do.  I also can't stand having extra chairs in my classroom... they're just bulky!
paisley on turquoise border- this is going to separate the projection space for my mimio, and section off the remaining whiteboard space for homework, objectives, and such.
Click here to view larger image 
10" circles- these guys are going to be mixed with the letters below for my next Monday Made It!
Click here to view larger image 
black dot-to-dot letters- (see above) 
pack of 30 Georgia symbols coloring pages, perfect for Social Studies!!
(I have a bigger one that I'll color as we learn about each of the symbols) 
neon caddies for my tables from Michaels for $1!!! 
(I bought pink, purple, orange, yellow, and turquoise) 
dots on turquoise pennant border- this is going to go above my whiteboard area, to highlight the mimio space.  We can't have stuff hanging from the ceiling per the fire marshal, so this is my solution to the super cute pennants that people are creating.

I've also picked up these nameplates for desks and backpack cubbies
this is for my version of this 
and I think that's it for now... I'm sure I have some random little things that I've forgotten, but now it's time to work on my supply list and welcome back letter to the kiddos... I received my own welcome back letter last Friday, and it said that our class lists were ready to be picked up.  I went up to school to pick it up and brought lunch to my ESOL teacher who is teaching summer school until next Thursday.  As of now I have 25 munchkins in my class, 13 are boys... and one, if not two boys are known behavior problems... OH, and Gregory Peck is the father of one of my new kiddos... which made me giggle, because I adore To Kill a Mockingbird.  At one point in my high school years I had 5 copies of this on my bookshelf.  I know it's not the real Gregory Peck, but I still giggled... 
Can you believe that we go back on the 30th... of this month... it's soooo close!  I'm planning on having my welcome packet ready to mail by Friday, so I'll plan on posting pictures and descriptions of what's included on Friday!

Hope you had a safe and happy Independence Day, and that you still have all of your fingers!


Kathy said...

I'm right thee with you on the the 30th. I hope you have a GREAT year!

First Grade a la Carte

Mandy said...

LOVE all the stuff! I am moving to second this year too! We still need to do another get together- last time was FANTASTIC! Where did you get the GA symbols? I may need to pick those up...Do we do those in 2nd?

Enjoy your summer and don't work too hard!

Miss Dennis said...

Yay Mandy you're coming to 2nd!! I totally agree on the get together! Maybe in September? I found both the student sized and poster sized ones at the school box. The one I'm going to use for myself is rolled up in a tube, and the ones for the kiddos are packaged like a placemat.

Even if we can't have a big get together, you and I should definitely get together and talk second grade! I've got tons of stuff on my external hard drive that I could transfer over to your computer!!