Thursday, July 14, 2011

am i speaking french?

my favorite teacher website turned blogger, Mrs. Bainbridge is having a "my teacher says..." linky party.
1. I find myself asking my kiddos: "am I speaking French/Spanish/German??" when they're not doing what I've asked them to do.
2. when they're wasting time (not lining up properly), I say "oh that's soooo sad..." it's really funny when you hear them say that to someone else...

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Tonya said...

Hahaha.. I say that a lot too: Am I speaking Spanish? Or I'll while tapping my lips with my hand, I will say, "is this thing on?" ;-)

Christina Bainbridge said...

Thanks for linking up!

I like "Oh, that's so sad...". I am going to have to borrow that!


Mel D said...

Darn it! That is something I forgot to post. I integrate Spanish into my calendar & I say that ALL THE TIME! The kids get such a kick out of it!
Peace, Mel D
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