Tuesday, July 26, 2011

300 Fry Words Freebie!!

I'm so happy to have over 50 followers!  Y'all made my day :)

I always put a list of the high frequency words that my kiddos are responsible for learning each year in our binders.  When I taught first grade these were WHALEs (weekly homework and little extras), but this year in second grade I'll be using OWLs (organized weekly learning).  I created this grid of the first 300 Fry words to go in their OWL books.  They're in alphabetical order, not the order that they'll be presented.  If you'd like a copy, here's the link!!
:) Lauren


Busy Bees said...

Thanks so much for the Fry Words!! Just found your blog and love your cute ideas.

Anonymous said...

Nice job! I decided to have a spelling bee this year using the HFW Lists. I found this site with lists of the first 100, then 200, 300 etc up to 3000 (not alphabetical though). It's great to provide opportunity for the students to take on more challenging words (I copied up to the 800 list). Anyway, thanks for sharing and I thought I'd leave you this link as well: