Thursday, July 7, 2011

Brooklyn, here I come!

So I should be either a) laundry and then packing, or b) sleeping, but I'm not... I'm just too excited.  Tomorrow I leave with my kickball team (yes, it's a thing, adult kickball leagues) to go to Brooklyn, NY for five days.  We met up tonight to get our shirts, and then Becky and I stopped by WalMart for some last minute things.  And now I'm awake, but about to head to bed.  I woke up today with the nastiest head cold, and I'm trying to kick it before getting on the plane.  Ugh, the thought of flying while already feeling gross... blech.

BUT I have some more awesome Target finds to show you, but that'll have to wait until Tuesday.  But here is a picture of our awesome logo for this year's tournament.

(and some of you may have noticed that the title of my blog used to be "notes from miss diss" or have seen "miss diss" around... here's the story behind that.  Three summers ago, I needed a nickname for the back of my kickball shirt.  I was going to go with LD, but that was too short.  Then I remembered this little gem of a present:

This student was one of my most "precious" students to date, and while in another teacher's room supposedly contemplating her behavior, she created the above masterpiece. (note: my last name is Dennis, not Diss...)  Nickname = found!!

alrighty, off to bedfordshire for me, talk to you Tuesday!

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