Friday, July 6, 2012

Nerd Alert!

So while shopping in Target with a fellow teacher friend, we rounded a corner near the back of the store and I actually squealed with excitement... Bex was confused... she was all "are you okay?!?. what has you so excited besides the school supplies?"  um... nothing besides the school supplies... school supplies are enough to get a squeal out of me.  The hardworking Target folks were just starting to set up the displays, while trying to convince these other people to buy the last of the outdoor furniture... excuse me while I step around y'all to get to the shiny new supplies!!  Oh, don't mind if I do!  I loaded up my basket with everything that I want my new munchkins to bring, one of these, three of these, ooh and that, too!  As we walked to the front of the store to get some items that hadn't been put out yet, Bex asked if I was actually going to buy all this stuff, or just take a picture of it?  Well, I had planned on buying it, staging it at home and then putting it out on display for Registration so that everyone knew what I expected them to bring... but her question made me think twice.  So we (really I, she was kind of embarassed to be seen with me at this point) pulled out a black foam-core posterboard and staged a little photo shoot right there in the middle of the "stationary" aisle.  I made her use her phone since she has the newer iPhone (with a flash!) and she emailed them to me... she titled the emails "freaking ridic" because yes, I am that much of a nerd...  Now you might be wondering why "I" took pictures of all this stuff rather than just making a standard list-style supply list for my kiddos... well, a lot of them speak another language at home, and I didn't want to wait to get it translated, and frankly, I think it looks cuter with pictures.  See... look:

I typed up my welcome letter, telling them how I know it seems like summer vacay just started, but how we'll be back in school super soon, I included information about Registration, and gave them their first homework assignment: complete the "all about me" poster from Rachelle's VIP pack.  I printed the letters on bright paper, but that was more to make it fun for me when I addressed them.  The school gave me envelopes and stamps, and they already had the school's address stamped, but I added "your new teacher!" above the name of the school... I hope the kiddos are as excited to get these as I was to make them!  I already told you that I'm a nerd, so it shouldn't surprise you that I used the same color pen to write their names! I just stuck them in the mailbox to go out tomorrow!!!  Cross that guy off my to-do list!


Lisa R. said...

I would've been squealing too! I love when school supplies begin to come out. I really like how you take pictures for your school supply list. That's a great idea!! :)
Learning Is Something to Treasure

Miss Dennis said...

Thanks, Lisa! I can't wait to go back to Target once the displays are finished!

Teacher-ific said...

So funny, I do the same thing at Target or any other store with school supplies and my husband just rolls his eyes at me, HA!!I am following you now, so glad I found your blog! Stop on by for an awesome giveaway :)