Tuesday, August 2, 2011


we found out today that we're all getting Mimios!!!  After having a SMARTBoard for two years, I was really sad about not having an interactive whiteboard... but not anymore!!!!


tmarie said...

Spotlight on Kindergarten

luvzenkms2(Leea) said...

I had one that was used ....but when I could get it to work I loved it. I am applying for a grant to get a new one! Keep me up to date when you get yours please, not many people have them on the blogs!

Fitbecky said...

That's great! I have a Mimio! I like that it doesn't take up much space and you can also use Smartboard Software with it, if you download it. They are also wonderful in that you can make the image much larger on your whiteboard than a Smartboard.

:) Becky

Mrs. Adcock said...

So I totally love my Mimio. I create mimio's all the time!! My students LOVE it too! Go check out mimioconnect.com for some really great lessons as well!! ENJOY IT!!

Miss Dennis said...

ooh, I surely will! we don't have them yet... they just finished renovating our media center, so when they get all set up in there, they'll check them out to us!