Thursday, June 30, 2011

OH... an Update!

So I was just going back through my recent posts, and realized that I never updated the "oh hai" post... I had an interview on May 13th and was hired on the spot for a second grade position!  I'm super excited about teaching second next year (especially since I was interested in looping up with my firsties before the craziness of last year happened), and my new team seems super awesome!  Now if only I could get into my room to start organizing.  My awesome dad helped me move alllll of this in two mini-van trips (why he has access to a mini-van, don't ask... his regular car is a sporty convertible!)  And I tried to start unpacking boxes, but the head custodian was all "you're not supposed to be here...." can you say super sad face?  Anyway, here's the before.... (dad thought everything would be in a box... a crate or tub counts, right?  whoops!)

and here's the after (after I starting making a mess, I mean....)

 I'm super excited about having a window!  But I really want to get in there and start moving stuff around!!!!!

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