Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Ten!!!!!!! Ten More States for the Perfect Exchange!

I only need 10 more schools!!!!!
PLEASE email me if you're interested in participating in the postcard exchange!  Seriously, please!  I've resorted to finding schools in these states and hunting down an email address for a teacher, and hoping that a creepy stalker-ish plea will convince them to sign up!!!  Please don't make me be creepy!!!

I still need:
Arkansas, Delaware, DC, Michigan, Mississippi, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Washington, West Virginia.

And y'all, we've got a representative from Puerrrrrrto Riiiico, whoop whoop!!!!

send your name, email address, school name and address to and I'll get you signed up!  Don't forget to spread the word about this postcard exchange, we're almost there!!!!

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Casey Turner said...

I wanted to thank you for your useful ideas for what to do with my kids for the longest 15 minutes of the day. I love the secret trash idea because I make them pick up trash anyway so it would be easy to incorporate. :)

Second Grade Math Maniac