Sunday, June 10, 2012

where is summer?

So I've been out of school for two weeks, and boy oh boy have they flown by!  I spent the first week out of school training at a restaurant, and this last week I've been waiting tables.  I worked at this restaurant all through grad school and my first two years teaching, and although that location has since closed, the original one is just down the road from my condo.  Both the owner and head manager remembered me from my grad school days, and so I was put on an accelerated training schedule!  My ridiculous memory has helped me get back into the restaurant frame of mind (I remember all of the dishes, woot woot!), and our location is super family-friendly so there have been a bunch of cutie kiddos (which helps when I'm missing my students).  But hopefully I won't have to miss them for long, since I start the Math Institute for my cluster tomorrow morning, and it's being held at my school, and 4 of my munchkins from last year should be attending.  I looked at my calendar this evening and there are only like 3, maybe 4 weeks that I don't have something planned... seriously??  I have the Math Institute this week, then two days next week of getting ready for the Common Core in Math at the STEM High School, then two weeks of nada, a long weekend in Brooklyn for the kickball tournament (my team is defending our title, two years running), then the day after I come back it's the Summer Literacy Institute, then another week of nada, and then it's back to school for pre-planning... are any of y'all doing staff development this summer?

I'm hoping that these days spent on math will help me figure out how I want to organize my math block next year.  I do the Daily 5, and our school's expectation is that you're doing Guided Math, and I've read Laney Sammons' book, and Debbie Diller's "Math Work Stations," and I've seen the BUILD model for math on Pinterest, and I'm just trying to pick and choose what works for me, and how to organize it all, but I'm so not in the frame of mind for thinking about next year yet.  The giant tub of stuff to work on this summer hasn't even made it out of my car yet (whoops).  What do you think about Guided Math/ Work Stations?

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