Sunday, January 1, 2012

what a way to start a new year!

So 2011 ended in a pretty awesome way for me... I had two projects funded on DonorsChoose!  One was funded on the 30th and one on the 31st.  Happy New Year indeed!  I'm SO thankful for my donors!  My kiddos will be getting a TON of new construction paper AND I'll be getting a new kidney table (yahoo!).  (my current kidney table is super-duper wobbly, like so wobbly that I'm afraid that one day it's going to just topple over... the kids shake it just by standing near it... it's scary!)  Having these projects funded was a fabulous way to end the year!

I started the new year with a phone call from an unknown number (which I usually just let go to voicemail), and I actually answered the call and it was..... my student who moved away during break (our last day of school before break was his last day with us).  He was just calling to say that he missed me, and would I let everyone in the class know that he misses them.  Ohmagoodness, it was so sweet!  I had written his mom a note on a post-it asking her to please call me about the whole moving thing (my student was not making sense trying to tell me where they were going, and I needed/wanted to know if he was just moving down the road or to another school).  He saw my name in his mom's phone today and decided to call me.  It was the sweetest thing!!
EDIT: he called back at 7:30 to say goodnight!  He must be so "homesick" for his old house and our classroom.  He seriously is just the sweetest kiddo ever!  

I hope you've all had a great break and a fantastic new year's day!  I've got to drag myself off the computer and get back to grading some writing (we have to export grades in the morning) before going back to work in the morning (booo!)

I'll leave you with this video of my new favorite song.  The youtube playlist is really helping me get stuff done!

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