Tuesday, January 10, 2012

they're making me work for it...

...the three-day weekend that is... and the "they" would mos.def. be my kiddos.  Y'all, the past two days have been stressful, and D.R.A.M.A. filled... serious tattles and not getting work done, and getting in trouble at lunch, and saying inappropriate things to each other, and fussing at kids for not bringing back their report card envelope, calling baloney when they said I didn't give them a report card, then apologizing because I DID forget to give them a report card, and writing TEN academic contracts to go into said report cards that I found hiding on my desk under my to-do list with #1: write academic contracts, and not picking good books in the media center, and not passing AR tests, and two kiddos who can't seem to leave each other alone, even after talking to TWO AP's about the sitch... and I wore my suede boots today and it totally started raining on the way home :( AND it's only Tuesday, Tuesday, seriously???  OH, and we have early morning intervention in the am, and I just want to sleep in...

but it was our 2nd 9 weeks honor roll ceremony this afternoon, and all 7 of my honorees were perfect angels during it, and 2 of the 7 were SO proud of themselves: 1 for making honor roll (he was super sad that he didn't make it last quarter) and 1 for getting a BUG award (bringing up grades) he worked SO hard last quarter!

um, and I've asked these questions today: "what's the difference between cheetah and leopard spots" and "can you eat the white stuff on brie" in case you're wondering... cheetahs have plain black spots, leopards have black rosettes with brown in the middle (thanks google!)... and the white stuff is prob. bitter (thanks mom!)

in an effort to decompress, and to entertain myself while I ate the brie sans white stuff, I watched two of my favorite stop-motion videos... I leave you with them now!
and just 'cause I love post-its, here's another!

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meghan said...

Kind of sounds like we teach the same class. The beginning of that first paragraph sums up my group lately. Driving me nuts! I've brought in AP reinforcement, called home, etc, but some of them are just SO darn rotten to each other!

Third Grade in the First State