Thursday, December 22, 2011

goodness, it's been a while!

sorry for the delay in posting... school has been cah-ray-zee!  I've been thinking about this little blog, and am terribly sorry for not posting more often.  Without further ado, here's a photo dump of what we've been up to since September...
I made Columbus Day snacks (so cute and so easy!)

we did a science lesson with Mexican Jumping  Beans
I found Mexican Jumping Beans at the Dollar Tree, bought enough for each kiddo to have one, and we started out by observing our "mystery objects."  I put them in petri dishes from our science closet, and the kiddos worked on filling out the O(observe) and W(wonder) portions of our OWL chart.  They're so hard at work, I love it!

 After we observed and wondered, we read the book, but I wrapped the cover with paper so that the mystery wasn't given away.  We then added our new learning to the OWL chart.  I used the projector to enlarge the page, and used expos to record what the kiddos learned.  

We wrote letters to the troops as a part of Q100's Bert's Big Thank You.  The Big Thank You puts a handwritten letter in the hands of each soldier station or deployed outside the US.  The letters were SO sweet!

That silly Candy Corn Bandit took our candy corn marshmallow treats, and had us hunting all around the school making predictions as to where he took them.  The silliest thing happened when we got back to the room: one of my kiddos (who is not the most observant) points to the copyright on the poster that Abby made and says "Oh ma goodness, the bandit wrote their name!  ABBY IS THE BANDIT!"  I about died...

We went to Fernbank Museum of Natural History on a field trip, and the kiddos were so amazed.  Here we all are in our class shirts (the whole grade level has the same shirt, but each class has a different color)

 This was the last day for one of my kiddos.  I was so happy that he was able to come on the field trip, and what a great last day with our class!

We saw HUBBLE in IMAX and oh ma goodness their faces were priceless.  I told them that we were going to see a movie like they had never seen a movie before, and they were all "yeah, but I've been to the movies."  Check out these sweet faces!! 

We went to the museum, it was fun.  We saw dinosaurs, but there was old bones.

 Here are our Cara Carroll inspired skeletons and hiccup writing!

  this is our pinterest inspired data wall
and this is our pumpkin seed data display, courtesy of the fabulous Abby!
we put these exciting words in our Language Arts Journal after reading "One is a Feast for Mouse"

I don't have any pictures of our Christmas around the world unit, or our Grinch Glyphs (our display fell down the morning of the day that I actually brought my camera to school).  But as you can see, we've been super busy in second grade.  I hope you all have a fabulous holiday break and I've resolved to be a better blogger in the new year!
:) Lauren

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Mrs. S. said...

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing all about your second graders. I teach second grade in Georgia and we, too, have gone to Fernbank...not yet this year, though. I think it comes up in January...not sure.

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