Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where it all goes down Wednesday!

I've posted pictures of my room before (here), but here are some updated pictures of my favorite spots in the room!
 my "status of the class" for the writing process
 behavior... classroom economy+clip chart= super happy Miss Dennis!!
 Thursday book bags on the left, part of the library on the right (full pic of library below)

 our class post office!  I had two of these shoe things in the old apt, and only one will fit in my closet now... so I took it to school for student mail (they have traditional mailboxes for schoolwork and flyers, this one is just for their letters to each other!!)  I spray-painted clothespins, and the kiddos picked a ribbon for the middle of it (I sharpie paint penned their number to the sides)
 my daily 5 choice board and cafe strategies board (we're starting slow this year)
I absolutely love this rug from Target, my late bus riders were helping me sort word wall cards by putting them on their letter!!

Happy Wednesday!

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