Wednesday, July 20, 2011

oh mah goodness, check this out

Michelle over at
posted about the most amazing teacher resource I've ever seen.  You have to click the link to see if there's an affiliate near you.  I did a little researching and found out that there's an affiliate in ATL, aaaand my new school is on the list of eligible schools for shopping.  Now it seems that I just have to wait until my new principal sends them a list of our teachers so that they can set us up with appointments.  I'm super excited about this, AND my parents are, too... they can't believe how much I've already spent on my classroom, and I haven't even started supply shopping...

Go here and check it out!


MeiLing258 said...

"Oh mah goodness" for sure!!! How do we find out if our school is eligible?

Miss Dennis said...

I sent an email to the help address just asking if my school was eligible. They sent a super quick reply. When I asked how to set up an appointment, they wrote back with "teachers from eligible schools will be notified via email when they can login and schedule an appointment. That email will contain login and password information as well. I expect to have our database updated and the emails generated and sent by end of next week" YAY HOORAY!!