Wednesday, May 4, 2011

oh hai!

So I've been blog stalking a lot recently, and I decided that it was time for me to update my own blogspace.  A lot has happened this year: I was moved from first grade to fourth grade science to start the year, then six weeks into the school year I was displaced to another school in the county, this time as a science specials teacher (only the specials schedule had already been made).  THEN... I was displaced for next school year on January 20th.  It's officially been 103 (calendar, not school) days since I heard that I was in limbo.  Limbo is not a place that I like to be.  I'm a planner.  I've been stalking blogs, getting ideas for next year, wanting to start working on my stuff for next year, but I'm paralyzed.  I have no idea a) what school I'll be in, b) what I'll be teaching, c) when I'll find out the answers to A and B, or d) if I should renew my lease (seeing as how my current apt is five miles from the school where I started this year), or move.

I'll be posting some things that I've done this year in the lab, lessons/ideas for K-5 very soon.


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Madison said...

I'm in the same boat about next year. I hate it. A lot. Keep positive. It all works out in the end.